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Covenant of Couples For Christ

Trusting the Lord's help and guidance

  1. I shall live as a follower of Christ:

    • Pray everyday for at least 15 minutes.

    • Read Scriptures everyday for at least 15 minutes.

    • Participate regularly in the worship life of my church.

    • Avoid sin and wrongdoing.

    • Put good order into my private life.

  2. I dedicate myself to the task of building a strong family for Christ:

    • Seek regular weekly dialogue with my spouse, my children.

    • Exercise my duties actively as a parent.

    • Pray with my family daily and celebrate the Lord's day together.

    • Invest generous amount of time for home and family.

  3. I will make myself available to the Lord for service:

    • Bring other couples to Christ.

    • Make time to serve in Couples for Christ, whenever I am called to serve and follow directions of those who have responsibility for my service.

  4. I will relate in love and loyalty to other families in Couples for Christ:

    • Attend my small group meetings weekly and support the good order of the meeting.

    • Faithfully attend all other meetings. Accept other couples whom the Lord adds to our number.

  5. I shall study and seek to grow as a Christian person and in understanding and fulfillment of my marriage vocation:

    • Attend all courses, retreats, workshops and conferences of Couples for Christ.

    • Diligently study all materials given to me.

May our Lord Jesus Christ help me to live the covenant of the Couples for Christ everyday for His greater honor and glory and for the good of my brother and sisters.

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